Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I am a big instant noodle fan. I never let my stock fall below "safety stock" level. This week I discovered Indofood: Taste of Asia dried noodle. I grabbed 3 different flavours: Singapore Hokkien Style Flavour, China Szechuan Flavour and Hong Kong roasted duck flavour. The taste isn't bad, at least it meets my expectation.

China Szechuan Flavour: Kind a spicy and hot. Szechuan food is famous for spicy (麻辣) Those spicy food lover should try.

Hong Kong roasted duck flavour:
Taste over peppered. Very strong onion smell. Those scare of bad mouth, better don't try this one.

Singapore Hokkien Style Flavour:
The noodle size is kind a wider compare to traditional one. There are dehydrated mushroom inside the packet. But is there any different between Singapore style hokkien and Penang style hokkien? At least the color can tell the different.

There are another two different flavours:
  • Indonesia salted fish flavour
  • Japan chicken teriyaki flavour
Tips: Don't overcooked the noodles, it will spoil the quality.

You can find it in any hypermarket. Cost about RM1.50 per packet.

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