Monday, April 23, 2007

Tomorrow is gonna be my 1st anniversary in Lemtronics, unfortunately, there will not be 2nd anniversary b'cos I am leaving by this June. The only "measurable" gain I have is... WEIGHT!!
Yup, I had gain a lot of
weight in the past 12 months in Lem. You can see above pictures, OMG !.

Lem is really a different EMS I know of, b'cos lesser pressure, can go home on time (even everyday, if you are efficient enough) a
planner has to manage many accounts, and yet, the workload is lesser compare to other EMS in FTZ. The price to pay off for this comfort is C&B. Lem's C&B is less competitive in similar industry. No pain, no gain huh...

My next destination will be another milestone in my career life. A greater challenge (consider as a promotion, in terms of responsibility), a different role, different industry (from the product it manufacture)... I have to seek back my "ummph" that I lost sometimes ago. Say bye bye to "makan-tidur-main" life.

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Sze Yih said...

eh..........seem this is my first time to give comment on your blog . What i can say is ........乐不可极,乐极生悲。 欲不可纵,纵欲生悲 (dunno who said one , forgot de)
last but not least, 减肥加油!!


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