Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Terrible lunch

I never had such terrible experience for having lunch outside. The restaurant is located in Sunway Tunas, once upon time well known for 臘味dishes. I guess they had changed the owner, I can't find any roasted meal on the menu. Anyway, I chose 麻辣雞面. That time it wasn't many customer, only 3 tables being occupied. My the other two friends chose curry rice and tomyam chicken soup + rice. First dish served was curry rice, it really smell good. Second one tomyam chicken soup. This one really bad, my friend couldn't
taste any tomyam, only taste sour. And the last one, the most terrible one, was my order, 麻辣雞面. The mee was overcooked, till "lembik", not only this, I was just half completed my lunch, suddenly I feel something "weird" inside my mouth. I threw out the meat, and I found the chicken is RAW !!! Later on, my friend who were having tomyam also found the same thing. The worst part is when we showed the raw meat to the tauke-so, she just "噢" and took away the meat. Never apologize !! wah lau, what kind of service is that??!!
I swear, I will never visit that restaurant anymore, even is FREE !!

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