Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Forex Trading

Yesterday feel not well, little sore throat and fever, unfortunately, doctor didn't granted medical leave for these "minor" illness. Today woke up at 8am, didn't feel wanted go to work, so decided to apply leave so that can rest at home.

This evening I attended a forex class briefing. Right after the briefing I had signed up the course.

I am sick with never-stop making noisy neighbors!!
I am sick with working life, especially this unreasonable and stingy employer and colleagues.
I am sick with fixed-robotic schedule.
I am sick to search an affordable property.
I am sick to listen to others' command and comment !!

I want to achieve financial freedom !
I want to buy my dream house !!
I want to realize my traveling plan !!!
I want to retire early !!!
I want to take apply leave as and when I like, no need anyone else approval !!!

I am full of "negative" energy now. I want to discharge all these and recharge with positive one. The most effective is money money money !! All I need to do is to find a right vehicle. Before that I had tried many different type, this time I am trying something higher risk vehicle. Nothing to loose !! 这次我豁出去了!


Yee Meng said...

fren, y are u so pessimistic? cheer up, ok? be happy...life is short..enjoy it to the fullest...

Samantha Loh said...

YOu must be influnced by Lydia &/ George. Hahaha....

Blue Chin said...

I am not influence by anyone. I feel so 挫折感 when I am searching my dream property. Last two days I did a calculation, if I continue stay where I am, I can forget about owning my dream property in Penang. My salary raise rate will never par with Penang living expenses inflation rate. So I have to do something aggresively, as I already late start compare to others.

Joyce said...

Dream house不是这样容易实现的哦!告诉你,我找了五年了,你相信吗?但是,我没有放弃哦!我的dream house也知道我正在找他的。 朋友,笑一笑!

Clic Finance said...

It is good to acquire skill in investment. just remember the story of alice in wonderland.

Blogger said...

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