Tuesday, September 08, 2009

RON95 vs RON97

Check it out if your car is compatible with RON95

Check from the table below whether your car can run on RON95 petrol. The symptom of incompactiblity is KNOCKING! If not then good luck…………..pay high cost

The RON list

Though my 市仔 can use RON95, I just can't take the risk. 先之声明,本人不负责以上内容的真实性。It was a web forwarded junk mail. You better check with your car dealer or technician before you shift.

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Samantha Loh said...

还没去油站前,我的头顶出现了很多??????????。 过后去了油站后才明白你说的是虾咪。

上个礼拜去打油时都还没有什么RON95&RON97。 刚才问了油站老板后才明白了。 我的老爷车只是用RON 95就可以了。


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