Thursday, August 05, 2010

Another sad story of Malaysia public services

On 19/June/2010, I went to Kedai Telekom to terminate my streamyx subscription. The officer told me the termination service will take effective 14 days. If any balance amount, they will post a cheque to me.

One week later, Telekom sent a bill to my previous address, charged me full amount of the subscription fee.

On 12/July/2010, I moved out from previous house, that time I still can login via streamyx.

Last week Telekom sent another bill to my previous address, the bill dated 22/July/2010, to inform me refund the deposit, but the amount is only less than 50% of it.

Few days ago Telekom appointed agent send the cheque to my previous address.

The entire process took about 6 weeks, not 14 days. If you plan to move to other place and want to terminate your streamyx subscription, plan and do it earlier. Telekom just created another frustration customer, that's me !!

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Samantha Loh said...

MALAYsia service again....


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