Who invented USB Pen Drive?

I guess most of us has at least one piece of pen drive. Its so convenient and yet so important in our daily life. But do you know who invented USB Pen Drive? The answer is Pua Khein Seng and yes, he is a Malaysian, something to proud with right? No no...if you search through web, you will find some "embarrassing" comment. 

Pua Khein Seng the man who invented USB pen-drive from malaysia. But he went to TAIWAN . this is because malaysia university didn't accept his qualification.


In recent announcement, by 2013, a student must PASS history paper in SPM level. What if the student score full A for science subjects but he got F9 for history paper, will he be penalized for not getting scholarship? Will he need to sit for July paper in order to further his studies in local university? It might end up another Pua who choose to leave the country. 

Where is our flexibility gone? 


Anonymous said…
我们生活在一个“不懂惜才”的Boleh Land,遗憾~~

Anonymous said…
Malaysia memang boleh~~

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