Wednesday, April 27, 2011

GPS product evaluation

This weekend I am going to drive to KL with GPS assistance. I borrow 2 types of GPS: Garmin 255 vs WayWay (using Papago software)

 This is WayWay that bought from Harvey Norman, using Papago Software. It detects my current location faster than Garmin; sound navigation clear enough; easy to operate; got 2D and 3D map available, big screen for split view. 

I am not sure what is the problem for this, as you can see "Acquiring Satellites" appear since I switch on the device 20 minutes ago. 
Then voice navigation is not clear "pls drive the highlighted route", my goodness, I have to study the map while I am driving? Scary ! 
One good thing is smaller LCD is space-saving device. According to the lender, the navigator lead him to "really fastest route" via small road. 

Wait till I come back from KL for details evaluation. be continue. 

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