Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jalan-jalan cari China & Hong Kong (IV)

Saturday morning, we had a quick breakfast at hotel cafe, then start our long journey from Shengzhen to Hong Kong. First station we went to Sheung Shui for window shopping. Then we went Mongkok, Kowloon for our lunch, before our real shopping in  ladies market. This restaurant is located in a hotel. My colleague went there before, he highly recommend the dim sum, which claimed to be "higher quality" than Penang. 

Nice environment 有派头吧?

 不知道名字的点心 Unknown name of dim sum, but it looks so cute. 

 Must order: Cha Shao Bao 叉烧包


 虾饺,really got 2 prawns in it. 

 My favorite: 萝卜糕

I hate this: Chicken feet  鸡脚

 Siew mai with abalone slice 烧卖,还有鲍鱼片的哟。

 Egg tart 蛋塔,皮很酥,好吃。

小笼包, 这个就有点差,皮厚,陷又不好吃。

 Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉 - 它的酱料是分开上。普普通通而已。


 If you want to try, can refer to this address. 

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