Jalan-jalan cari makan....in China & Hong Kong - Fast Food

In China, Pizza Hut use a "green" way to deliver pizza - bicycle. 

This is definitely nothing to do with Bruce Lee. 

 Guess how much for this set? 

 Got soup. 

 Got vegetables. 
And beef. 

 I ordered bihun soup. The meat really "old" till cannot bite. Phew...

At first, I thought wanna try pork burger in McD, but I was disappointed. The menu is almost the same we have in M'sia. So I try out this chicken burger, which claimed as "hot" items. 

 This is McDonald burger, they called it chicken sandwich. Nothing special to me. 

 I request chili sauce, McD waiter gave me garlic chili sauce. Oh my, I don't like "bonus" garlic. 

In fact this KFC burger "impressed" me. 

 The BBQ sauce make the burger more tasty. Though it looks like an ordinary burger, it tastes delicious, beyond my expectation. 


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