Something about Hong Kong & China - transport

Travel in Hong Kong is not so difficult. If you plan to go few places in a day, suggest you to buy "Octopus" card 八达通,to save your money and time. HKD150 per card, if you return the card within 3 months, they will charge you HKD7 processing fees. A few MTR stations have shopping complex attached with or nearby.  We went to Tsing Yi 青衣 (got factory outlet in Maritime Square), 旺角 Mong Kok (ladies market 女人街) Tung Chung 东涌 and so on. But be prepared, the sales person attitude might give you a "surprise", be careful when you bargain with them.

You can get more details from this link

 Once you reach Hong Kong airport, you can go to Shengzhen by boat or by limousine. But you have to decide before you arrive airport, because the exit for these two mode of transport are different.

 This is taxi fare in Shengzhen. Most of the drivers are using meter. 

This is another type of taxi in Dongguan. I wonder whether the cage meant to protect the driver or the passengers?

 MRT route in Hong Kong.

Luo Hu station in Shengzhen. This is the last station from Shengzhen to Hong Kong.

 In Zhuhai, you can take a ferry directly to Hong Kong airport. For certain airlines, you can even check-in your luggage here. Cathay Pacific is one of them.

Take note the ticket office in Zhuhai do not accept credit card. From Zhuhai to Hong Kong airport, the ticket fare is RMB280.

 From Zhuhai port to Hong Kong airport, the journey takes about 1 hour.


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