Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Communication vs Talking

This is just my personal opinion without any proper survey. I wrote this base on my observation to people surround me. 

What is communication? 
Communication is the process of conveying a message or meaning to establish a shared understanding to others. Communication requires a sender, a message, and a recipient. 

If without one of these elements, then what are they? I would call them as talking, or deliver speech. There is only one way transmition signal, irregardless the receivers accept the message or not.

Many times I came across in my organization, there are too many love-to-talk people, but they are not love-to-listen. They would just talk and talk and talk, they don't care whether opposite party is listening to them or not. That I call communication failure. Worse still more than one person were talking at same time, with high pitch tone. Arrhh...this is totally mental torture. I think they lost control over their mouth, or their brain can't manage ear and mouth at same time. 

Have you came across " One Meeting Please !"?  Meeting chairman play an important role to bridle those people that lost control their mouth. 

My professional need to communicate extensively with various parties: suppliers, customers, peers, colleagues, etc. Sad to say many of my colleagues fail to apprehend basic communication element, not to mention how to communicate effectively. 

My last piece of advice

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