101 lost kittens

101 Lost Kittens is a project by a group of artists working to install a dozen street art at various points within the Georgetown UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The idea behind 101 Lost Kittens is to create more awareness over the issue of helping find homes for stray animals. The 101 Lost Kittens project endeavors to help stray animals by generating interest through mural hunting. The following are the murals that have been painted so far.

1. Skippy to Penang for animal awareness, and giant rat. 
Skippy or in full Skippy comes to Penang or Giant Cat mural is one the murals being painted to create awareness of the need to protect animals and get people to foster a love to pets. The giant rat mural  was created by an anonymous artist but both can be viewed together as one, showing that these two are almost eyeing on each other. 

2. Love me like your fortune cat

 The fortune cat mural depicts a cat gazing at a group of fortune cats, perhaps pondering why they have better luck than him. Fortune cats are cat dolls that often found in Japanese and Taiwanese restaurant, particularly near the cash register, beckoning patrons into the shop. Such dolls, called maneki-neko in Japanese, or 招财猫 in Chinese are believed by shopkeepers to bring good business fortune. 

3. Real Bruce Lee would never do this.
This mural was not intended for people to emulate, but rather to remind public to treat the stray cats well. A notice is placed under it stating its title in three languages, saying that real Bruce Lee would never did this to cats. 

4. Please care and bath me
Please care and bathe me mural depicts two rather bushy kittens, looking pensive, as they started out of a line-design tube. 

5. Shade me if you love me
Shade me if you love me mural depicts an umbrella over eight cat prints. The intention is to create awareness for people to adopt and shelter stray animals, particularly cats. 

6. Fine 500 for littering, sterilize instead
Fine 500 for littering, sterilize instead artwork is meant to discourage people from disposing of unwanted pets and to instead sterilize their pet to prevent unwanted litter.

7. Take time to sit with your pet

This art piece depicts a wirebound kitten walking on a wire lounge chair, is intended to create awareness among pet owners that they should spend time with their animals. 

8. Cats walking for animal awareness
This mural is to generate greater awareness of stray animals. 

9. Cats and humans happily living together 
This mural depicts the procession of Taoist deities through the streets of Georgetown. With majority of Chinese in the city professing to the Taoist faith, this is a common sight, as the Chinese follow a plethora of deities, each with its own feast day. In this mural, people are replaced by cats carrying banners, lanterns and other religious paraphernalia, with the sedan chair bearing effigies of the deities following from behind. 

10. I can help catch rats
This mural depicts a cat prancing after a rat. This mural is intended to generate a desire among locals to keep cat as pet, as they bring along other benefit of keeping down household rodents.

11. No animal discrimination please
This mural is to promote equal treatment for pets, be it cat or dog. 

12. Even handicapped still love me
This art piece intended to raise awareness of stray animals and take them off the streets. This sculpture depicts a disabled cat which is being carted on a trolley. It looks like a mix between a nameki-neko and Jabba the Hutt.

Here are maps of these 101 lost kittens location, you can obtain from web as well. 

Photo credit to www.crizcats.blogspot.com

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