World Suicide Prevention Day

BeFrienders orgnized a forum and workshop in conjunction with 10 Sept World Suicide Prevention Day, 

1. When we body unconscious, we apply CPR, but how about mental unconscious? What First Aid skill we can apply. 

2. Country more developed, the people more stress?

3. When mental ill but we don't seek help, why?

4. I am cancer survivor, but do we say I am psychiatrist survivor?

5. First we have to acknowledge: What is normal?

6. Never think you are suffering alone. 

7. Our school not suppose to teach EQ only, but IQ as well. 

8. You have a choice to change the situation. 

9. CPR for mental - emotional air

10. Source of stress is how you look at situation > perception. 

11. Character traits prove to be bad stress

  • High commitment
  • high motivation
  • high standards
  • idealistic dedication to tasks
12. We are from kiasu society.

Managing stress
  • Back to basics -> relax, vacation, sleep
  • Lead a balance life -> engage with non-rush hobby
  • Aware your stressors and your emotional & physical
  • Recognize what you can change -> our expectatoin
  • Reduce the intensity of your emotional reaction to stress -> find out before reacting
  • Learn to moderate your physical reaction to stress
  • Build your physical reserve => saving account like eat right, exercise
  • Build your emotional reserve => fixed deposit, set realistic goals, interaction, connection with friends. 
  • Decision making => can be source of stress => recognize fatile situations
  • Improve communication skills => clarifying issues; assertive training: "I" vs "You" statement
  • Being assertive
"Situations" are not stressful. It is our interpretation that stress us out. 

Life is change; Growth is otional

Stress Management Skill
  1. Achieve oriented skills => take action
  2. Emotion oriented skill => crisis & conflict cannot last forever. 
  3. Acceptance oriented skill => change is a part of living, so ACCEPT it. 
  4. Tip: Know What you CAN do, act on it and CANNOT, learn to accept it. 

Anxiety - fight or flight
Anxiety is about past or future dangers. 
Fear is about present dangers. 

Non-pharmacological approach
  • Stress Management
  • Relaxation
  • Cognitive behavior therapy


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