Wednesday, April 11, 2018


这本书买了好久,最近才看完。过后在Youtube 又找了相关作者的短片,把资料整理之后在这里做记录。

Secret of the multimillionaire mind by T. Karv Eker

  • 1.    Own your own business (in charge your own live).
                           i.   Make the rules and be able to change the rules whenever you want
                          ii   What I especially like about owing your own business, is that you have put yourself in a position where creating wealth is at least possible.

  • 2.    Focus, Focus, Focus
  • 3.    Do what you love.
  • 4.    You are the root of your success, mediocrity or any failure.
  • 5.    To get paid the best, you must be the best.
  • 6.    Use the ultimate business success formula
                           i.          Business specific knowledge
                          ii.          Business in general 

Wealth Rules

  • 1.    No limits on your income
  • 2.    Job and rich don’t go well together
  • 3.    It takes an enormous amount of energy to get something going, especially at the beginning.
  • 4.    The shoe has to fit.
  • 5.    Enthusiasm is the greatest sales factor in existence.
  • 6.    Your thoughts, lead to your feelings, which lead to your actions, which lead to your results.
  • 7.    Successful people have successful habits.


  • 1.   I own my own business because I choose to be rich
  • 2.   I focus, I focus, I focus
  • 3.   I get rich doing what I love.
  • 4.   I am root of my success.
  • 5    I am the best in the world at my business.

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