Jalan-jalan cari makan....in China & Hong Kong (I)

I took the earliest flight from Penang to Hong Kong, departed 0745 and reached Hong Kong 1105. When we reached Hong Kong, we decided to have a quick lunch in airport, because the journey from Hong Kong to Shengzhen take about 1.5 hours, provided no congestion at immigration border. We decided to have our lunch at Maxim's food. 

 三味拼盘 Sammi platter of roasted meat. 

 Chicken Rice

 排骨汤面 Spareribs noodle

Next day we had our lunch at a countryside restaurant. The vegetables are fresh from farm. 

 白萝卜汤 Radish soup

A simple home cooked dishes, yet taste so good. 

While on the way back to hotel, we found out a lot of strawberry farm. The price is about RMB8 per 1/2Kg. Though small in size, it tastes very sweet.

 I wonder whether any radiation detected for the strawberry or not. 
We can pluck the strawberry ourself. 

The strawberry looks so fresh, isn't it?


Joyce said…
wow....i wanna strawberry :D
Blue Chin said…

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